This website and blog are about my experience with ulcerative colitis and all of the information I have gathered along the way.  It’s strange to edit this old post and say that I now think of this journey as over.  I have left a complete (and incredibly long) account of my experience with UC, nearly dying (although I had no idea of that at the time), 3 surgeries, and then getting back to a normal life!  I hope it can help those who know me understand more about what’s happened, and give an idea of what to expect to those experiencing the same path.  I hope that it can give a little inspiration to those going through the roughest patches to hang in there – it does get better!

All of the information is organized through the tabs at the top of the page.

Helpful Links to other sites for those with or concerned about IBD, ostomies or J-Pouches are organized below the list of pages on the right.

Feel free to comment or to ask me any questions.  I will always be around to help however I can!


PS – Thank you to everyone who has offered to send cards and flowers, or who has already sent them.  They really have brightened my days 🙂

I’m asking now that in lieu of gifts, please donate blood!  I have had so many transfusions (11 units!) to date and I would be honoured if you would consider donating in my name!!  A special thanks to those who have already done so!  It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.